Monday, August 24, 2009

She says

I think I could say without fear of contradiction that Filipino women have come a long way. I come across a blog that caters to women, although I'm not sure if it is exclusively for women and I feel so happy with the way they handle issues. Although I observed that it is purely women talk on lighter issues- I know soon I would be privy to more serious exchange of ideas. The topics like " does size matter" no longer make the women blushed. I read about some of the posted comments and I smiled. Frankly, I have never think much about it. By the way, does size really matter? But I have to comment on that later.

I had written about the new law on women- The Magna Carta on Women. I said it could be an emancipation of Filipino women- In my opinion, the emancipation of women is more than gender equality it is more on women empowerment. It is the right of women to speak their minds, to do what they want and not be dictated upon by false sense of morality. Our society has adjusted to the women liberation where women could do as they want. However, modern Filipina are more discerning individuals- and are more assertive of their rights. They know what they want, and they certainly have a way to getting what they want. I could cite so many women who are modern icons and the list would be so long. How I admire their articulateness, and the things that they accomplished- While there are still who raised their eyebrows on single mothers; mistresses, lesbians- there are getting fewer. I see many women in compromised situations who rise above their mistakes and emerged not only strongers but winners. The double standard of morality is not as intense as thirty years ago. But I don't imply that modern women have no sense of morality- they have but they a discerning kind of morality. Before I forget - does size really matters ? Of course not, what matters is your man and how he put his whole consciousness-body and soul to put you both in blissful union.