Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enjoying more free time for yourself

How many times do we complain about not having enough time for ourselves? It is a problem common to all busy people. As a result we suffer from exhaustion and stress even burnt out. And being stressed is not good to our health. Henrik Edberg posted an article that could perhaps help all workholics out there. Actually, it is his tips for enjoying free time for summer. But I believe these steps could be applied all year round and like to share these tips for those who want to enjoy more time for themselves. Please read on the following article from Henrik Edberg:
Here are three simple tips that have enabled me to find more time for myself to do so. And since I have a lot to do this summer I will apply them even more diligently than usual. I hope you will find these three tips helpful too to get more time out in the sun, to work on your book or blog, to play some Frisbee or just relax and take it easy.
1. Find out where your time is really going.
This is like when you are trying to lose fat. It’s very easy to fool yourself and think you are doing “pretty good” when you in actually are not doing really that good. Thinking that you are doing “pretty good” won’t get you’re the results you want though. Actually doing what is needed gives you the results you want.
An easy way to stop fooling yourself in both cases is to use a log. If you are trying to lose fat, use Fitday.com to keep and eye on how much you are really eating.
If you want to find out where your time in a normal day or week are going create a simple time log in a Word-document or something similar and simply type down notes about everything you are doing.
I have for example found that I have spent too much time on social networks like Facebook over the last few months. I will cut that stuff down to a minimum to be able to have more time to relax and rejuvenate. And to keep up with the writing on this blog and other important stuff.
2. Realise that you don’t have to do everything you do.
And that the sky might not fall if you do/don’t do something. One thing that’s stopping people from improving themselves or just finding time for themselves is all the things they ”have” to do. You don’t really have to do anything.
Try to look at it as you choosing what to do instead.
Of course, if you choose to do or not to do something there will be consequences. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Sometimes bad, sometimes good. Sometimes one thing disguised as the opposite.
But the point is to take control of your life and feel like you choose. Instead of having your world choosing and controlling your life. This makes it easier to find out what isn’t really that important and eliminate or reduce to free up time for more interesting things.
3. Show up and just do it.
When you have found out what you are actually doing with your time and let go of some of the things you “had to do” then show up and just do the rest.
Instead of procrastinating, instead of thinking, instead of hoping someone else will do it or take an initiative, instead of rationalizing and inventing excuses for not doing something establish the habit of
just doing it.
Most of the time you need to do it anyway sometime in the future and until you are more or less forced you’ll just waste a lot of time procrastinating and thinking – and feeling bad - about having to do whatever you need to do. And if you wait for someone else to do something about it can take a lot of time before someone does so. Establishing this habit can be a bit difficult if you are used to thinking - or over thinking - a lot.
One useful way that I’ve found to develop this habit is simply to not identify so much with my thoughts and emotions and realize that I can control them instead of the other way around. I still think you should think a bit. But after that it’s most often just better to go and do whatever you want to do.

Monday, June 22, 2009

H1N1 - the Philippines' Case

Unfortunately the Philippines is no longer H1N1 free country. As a I write this blog the inflicted Filipinos are more than 400 and still counting. Everyday our Department of Health Secretary appears on television announcing new cases of H1N1 in the country. Since this appearance seemed to be going regularly- I began to dread his appearance on television. What is being done to prevent the continues and unabated spread of the this virus?. I'm inclined to think that the government has not done enough to prevent the spread. The Philippines' situation is alarming- at the rate the virus is spreading compromises the health of the Filipinos making everyone almost vulnerable. I believe that a more proactive response from the government is in order. However, we need to be just as proactive ourselves. Sanitation is very important. Let us all be responsible people, making sure that we help in abating the spread of the virus by taking all healthy precautions. Equip our body with the essential vitamins to increase its resistance capability against this virus and all disease-causing organisms. Cover our mouths when sneezing and coughing. Avoid congested and humid places. There are so many things that we can do. It will not be so difficult for us if we have made it habit and lifestyle-clean-living.