Monday, May 4, 2009

Climate change

Climate change. I did not care much about these words. Perhaps I have been too busy to notice that there is something wrong in our times. Seasons come and seasons go , until Melenio (one of the strongest typhoon that hit the Philippines in recent history) came uprooting everything including our roof. I could only watched in terror as strong gushed of winds threw everything on its path. That was three years ago. But until now the experience remains unnerving. And since then, I began to take interest in observing and noting the changes in the climate. Typhoons are getting stronger and really frightening and , just when everyone is thinking of going to resorts and vacation, rains and even storms begin filing in our atmosphere. We could no longer turn deaf ears on the warnings of the people who had been tagged as alarmists in the past. We have destroyed our environment and until we do our share in taking care of what's left nothing will be left to the next generation. We have harm our world to the extent that we can not do much today, except perhaps to make the world more livable for the next generation. Let us save what is left of our environment. Let us start caring...

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