Thursday, July 2, 2009

Live life or survive life

How are we existing? Do we live or do we merely survive? How's life, we may be asked: our common response is : "oh fine". But is it so? Let us reflect upon ourselves how we deal with our lives. First do we find joy in living? Do we appreciate what life has to offer? Do we crave for more of life? Do we want to live life to the fullest? If so, do we appreciate waking up every morning- seeing the rising sun in summer, or seeing the fine drops of snow during winter. Do we appreciate the gentle rustling of the wind on our face?Do we feel awe at God's creation - no matter how small and insignificant though they seemed to be? If we answer affirmatively, then we enjoy life. We are living because we never fail to notice everything that we encounter everyday. But if we do not appreciate and notice these things, then we are not living, our existence is merely surviving. We are too busy with coping, with trying to find fulfillment in life, finding satisfaction and happiness to what the world has to offer instead of what life has to offer. As a result, we lead a stressful life and a never ending quest for happiness and contentment. Most of us live in despair- and angry with the world. Many social problems including family disintegration and disharmony in society are the results of merely surviving instead of living. Let us learn to live again. Let us live again and see how we can transform our life. A change of attitude towards life is an important step in renewing our commitment to life and living.

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