Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stop worrying, instead count your blessings

I have been observing every person that I encountered everyday and what I always noticed about them is that many of them are whining. Complaining about everything. Well, I understand that life is really hard these days- what with the world-wide recession, the stressful traffic, unemployment, H1N1, high prices of commodity goods and so forth. But whining will not help us. Let us stop to think awhile. Perhaps we need to change our ways, let us become more appreciative despite of life difficulties. This is the prevailing theme of one of the short note that I post Yes life is hard, but then come to think of it- there is more to life than worrying. Worrying would not help us face the challenge of our times. But looking at things differently will do. There are still many things in this life to be thankful for- - that we are still alive and can still worry; the dead could not- that we still have air to breath no matter how stale - the dead could - that we can still eat- there are others who could no longer taste food- that we can still walk in our worn out shoes, there are people who have no feet at all- we can still hear the baby's cry, even the howling of dogs, the irritating noise of screeching wheels-still for those who could not-these could be music. There are many things to be thankful than being sorry. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by our problems, yet we have a God that is bigger than our problems. Let us count our blessings and we will see that we have a hundredfold of them that our difficulties. I believe that looking at our difficulties in a bigger frame of mind will embolden us, give us the confidence to take the challenges of life. This morning I realize that worrying will get me nowhere. But a change of attitude will...

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